Sawaal - Press Release

Aaroh Launches Debut Album "Sawaal"

The alternative rock band Aaroh launched their debut album “Sawaal” on the 22nd of September, 2003. The album release was done through Sadaf Stereo, one of the leading labels in the Pakistani music industry. To celebrate and commemorate this launch in Karachi, an exclusive invitation-only ceremony has been organized on Friday, September 26 at M Live, located at 10-C, 8th Zamzama Commercial Lane, DHA Phase 6. The evening will be hosted by M live Entertainment on behalf of Aaroh and will start by a press conference scheduled to be at 7:00 p.m. sharp where people from the media will be invited to interact and intermingle with the band. Guests from the press will be requested to stay back for the official launch that is scheduled to be at 9:00 p.m. This will be a small and select affair where people from the press, showbiz personalities and friends will attend a live performance by Aaroh followed by dinner with the band.

AaroH - Ascending Order

What started out as one of the 200 some ambitious entries into the Pepsi "Battle of the Bands" contest turned out to be one of the biggest musical acts in Pakistan. Ever since, Aaroh has been creating quite a stir in the local music scene with their hits "Jalan," "Sawaal" and the latest patriotic song, "Jeeain." All three videos have had tremendous frequency on primarily all local channels and continue to climb the charts week after week.

M live on Aaroh: “What is different about Aaroh is their unique sound and the strong musical background of the band members. They’ve all worked for the creation of a sound, which is exceptional and matchless in its league. All members have been in the music industry for several years, some for over a decade and their portfolios do not need preambles. 'Sawaal', is the fruit of their labor and an evidence of their brilliant musical voice. It would be accurate to say that in the crowded clutter and escalated influx of bands in recent times, Aaroh’s music has created a truly distinctive musical identity for itself - one that is pleasant to the ear and does not belong to any one strata of society, but can appeal to many and all. We do not cater only to the youth, but to everybody who has an ear for quality, meaningful music," says Wajahat Rauf of M live Entertainment.


"Sawaal" is a 12 track album with 10 songs and 2 instrumentals. The tracks include the already hit video singles “Jalan,” “Sawaal,” and “Jeeain.” Listeners will find the album to be versatile in terms of melody, lyrics and playing style. “Na Kaho” is a ballad that displays the lighter side of Aaroh with its easy feel while “Dil Ki Baton Ko” simply invites one to throw caution to the wind and yield to the beat. “Jeaain” is a song that is inspirational, and warms the hearts because of the truly patriotic sentiments behind its inception.

"Sawaal" is dedicated to people of all ages, but more particularly the youth of Pakistan. Due to the recent boom in media, particularly the electronic media, Pakistanis are no longer restricted to typical commercial tunes. The fan following of Aaroh serves as verification for this claim. We believe that regardless of musical genre, good quality, meaningful music will always stand out, proud and distinct. We didn’t believe in working on the historically successful, and woefully predictable commercial formula. Rather, we implemented what we did best and left it up to the listeners to judge it. Aaroh is overwhelmed by the response it has gotten from fans from all over Pakistan and abroad even before the album has hit the market. We thank all those who have supported Aaroh’s music and hope ‘Sawaal’ is well accepted and remembered for a long time.

The band Aaroh consists of:

Farook Ahmed - Lead vocals
Nabeel Chishty - Guitars
Khalid M. Khan - Bass guitars
Kamran Khan - Keyboards
Jason - Drums (only in concerts)


Wajahat Rauf
M live Entertainment
Official Management for AaroH
Tel: 0300-8266122
Fax: 5820200
Web site:

Aaroh’s “Sawaal” is released and distributed by Sadaf Stereo
Official Management for Aaroh: M live Entertainment

Aaroh Press Release
September, 2003