N.L. Studios


N.L. Studios is a fully professional audio recording studio providing and introducing multiple facilities and technical services at par with international standards. The state-of-the-art studio has been designed keeping in mind the logical concepts and the science of sound. Equipped with high-end gears and sophisticated devices, we strive to keep apace with the cutting-edge technology offerings in the world of music.

N.L. Studios was the first to setup and provide the 24-track digital recording system in Pakistan. All recordings are done with the professional expertise and technical assistance of qualified sound and recording engineers.

How it all started

Nizar Lalani, the brain behind N.L. Studios, has been into music since 1970. His passion and quest for music made him go deeper in his field of interest and thus, N.L. Studios came into existence in 1991.

It was established with the sole purpose of producing highest quality audio sound in Pakistan and has been designed by Kelvin Lin, one of the most prolific consultant designers for audio sound and recording, whose achievements in this field are numerous and spread over many years.

Mission Statement

We are in the business of providing creative excellence in all forms of audio communication, with focus on excellent sound quality.

Technical Capabilities

N.L. Studios uses premium quality equipment made by some of the world's top audio systems manufacturers for audio sound production:

Major Projects

N.L. Studios has a profile of having recorded and produced music for top-of-the-line artists of Pakistan, including the Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hasan, Khalid Waheed, Strings, Junoon, Awaz, Hadiqa Kiani, Fakhr-e-Alam, Najam Shiraz, and many others.

We have also composed and produced many hit jingles for Radio and T.V. in Pakistan and abroad.

We also provide live sound arrangements to the high profile music artists during concerts and other shows.

In 1995, we produced & released an instrumental album of Indian film hits by the name of "My Way". It turned out to be the highest selling instrumental album in Pakistan, with over 1 million copies sold till now.

We also arranged the sound system at the "Boat-Race and Festival" held by Pakistan Navy at Marina Club in 1996.

We have had the honor of producing and organizing the first ever musical concert, for the internationally renowned Channel [V] in Karachi in 1997. The concert projected our local talents on the international satellite channel, which immensely benefited these artists.

In 1998, we arranged the sound system for a concert arranged by NTM on the Navy Dockyard, which was also aired on T.V. The concert featured various artists including Fakhr-e-Alam and Junoon.

International Affiliation

We are affiliated with LIN ASIA, Singapore. Audiophile Consultant Designer offering consultancy for specific audio and sound requirements.

Kelvin Lin is the Executive Director of LIN ASIA.

Major Clients

Contact Information

N.L. Studios
810/C, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S.
Karachi. 75400

Tel : (92-21) 452 36 36, (92-21) 721 39 24
Fax : (92-21) 589 21 16

N.L. Studios Press Release
January 2001