Volume II - Milestones (1994)

Amongst a plethora of new entrants into the musical wheel of fortune, Milestones have managed to survive the scrutiny and produce a stunning follow-up, titled "Volume II".

This latest release is somewhat of a departure from the band's initial effort. Over the eighteen months in between albums, the band worked on polishing it's sound and the work seems to have paid off with this collection of songs as a testament to their dedication. Where the songs on "Jadoo" were predominantly about love, "Volume II" is a more mature effort tackling a number of varied topics. One of the songs they've recorded is titled "Andhi Aur Toofan" (storm and cyclone), which is a tribute to Pakistani cricket stars Waqar Younus and Wasim Akram. "Roshni", a song where you almost feel like you're listening to Sade, is an incredibly catchy song about national harmony. Another gem from "Volume II" is titled "Khayal Rakhna" and was originally performed by the legendary singer, Alamgir. The Milestones have rendered a version that stays true to the original, but leads itself extremely well to their own sound.

Milestones is a band that has succeeded in capturing the public's imagination. Their music has been called funky pop, but they don't seem to like being placed in any particular genre. Ali elaborated, "What the industry types our style as is of little importance to us. We just make music period!" That seems appropriate enough.

Ahsan R. Shami
VCI Records, Pakistan