Signature - Aamir Zaki (1995)

Although he has always made headlines, in 1995 Aamir Zaki made another milestone in history by recording his solo album, "Signature." On the first solo outing of his career the laid back guitarist has favoured a raw and impolished sound over refined glitz. "Signature" right from the opening, "You Need That Fire," showcases Aamir's penchant for grinding progressive guitar riffs, frenzied scale changes and playing wailing solos as good as Yngwie, Satriani and Vai. On the blues front he does inventive things similar to Buddy Waters and Eric Clapton with melody, feel, technique and phrasing. On tracks like "Money", "Do You Really Love Another," and "The Day She Left," the guitar magician delivers his best. The arrangements are intense and approach gutsy, that's seldom found in the guitar players of our country.

It's certainly Aamir Zaki's hardest hitting, most aggressive and inventive installment yet. He is capable of doing wonders ... but pin no hopes music buffs 'coz he is a misfit in our music industry. Somebody who despite every effort just wouldn't fit in. That's Aamir Zaki and that's his style!

M. Ali Tim
TV Times, Pakistan