Shola - Awaz (1996)

"Shola" (Madhouse Remix): The album opens with a remix version of "Shola", the title track. It has a disco tune, and it kinda makes you wanna get down. The song is about a girl, who is a shola ! I think they all are! She is conscious of her beauty and she has lots of admirers. The song is not bad, but the only thing is that the remix version is better than the original song.

"Kabhi Kabhi": No, this is not another attempt at Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hai ..... . Its about an unconfessed love. The heart is yawning to see her and feel her presence everywhere. The song is good and has a sensual touch to it but, I can't help identifying the tune to be a derivative of Bon Jovi's "Keep The Faith".

"Soniay": Love is in the air again! But this one is about a lost love and the heart wants its wounds to be filled. And, who better to do that than the one who had once been in the heart. It may be called a sad track, but it won't make you cry. Who knows, you might do what they are saying.

"Mere Paas": This is the dilemma of the "Rich Romeo" in love who has everything, friends, wealth, courage, but there is something missing. The nights are lonely, the walks are aimless, the hopes are hopeless. The heart knows its destiny, the only problem is getting there.

"Mr. Fraudiay": This is the best track of the album. As you listen to it, you might imagine yourself sitting at a night club, with a smoke screen between you and the stage. As the curtain rolls up, you see a guy holding a mic just like Elvis used to. The song opens with the music of a trumpet and it progresses while your smile keeps on growing deeper and deeper. So who are they singing about? You know, the rich guy who lives uptown. Yes, this one is dedicated to the elite of our country. It's all about rich and important people who do every bad deed in the book, yet their public image is safe. That's because the public is afraid of them. In the end they make that inevitable mistake and they're gone. Where do they go? Hell, where they meet their other friends and collect the debts of their deeds.

"Mela": A feel-free song! Would'nt it be great if life was just like a Mela ? No worries, just happiness, lets dance the night away, we need not bother about tomorrow, everything will work out fine. Yeah, this is the life we all dream of, and sadly it is only a dream for the most of us.

"Shine": Another failed attempt by a Pakistani band trying to sing an English song. Few Eastern artistes have perfected this style, which would be accepted by all. The song is, again, about a girl who's company the heart desires. It would be great if the loved one showers her blessings. That's what we all want, right?

"Hoga": This is about Be Wafaee , something which we all have faced atleast once in our lives, be it a loved one, a friend, a relative. The only problem is that we trust others so much that the thought of them deceiving us is meaningless for the heart. It just knows that one day those who deserted us will come back to us. All will be forgiven and life will become an adventure again. Or will it?

"Shola": It's the same story as before, only the music is different. The original version.

"Soniay" (Madhouse Remix): As I stated earlier, the remixes are better than the originals and this one is no exception. It has a nice Mexican touch, with the clapping of the shells. As opposed to the original version, this might bring you down to the dance floor.

Faisal M. Chughtai