Sargam - Adnan Sami Khan (1995)

Adnan sami Khan is always a delight to hear. Just the way this film, "Sargam", about music and love is made with style and a difference, the songs are also soft, soothing and touching. After a long time we have some filmi music which one can sit back and listen to and remember with fondness. Adnan is one Pakistani musician-cum-singer who is original, and a genius who has done us proud.

Sargam's exquisite orchestration is the result of the recordings having been done in London's Park studios. Asha Bhosle, the nightingale from our neighbourhood, has teamed up with Adnan and we have some excellent numbers by them on "Sargam", the soundtrack. Although not of Asha's calibre, Adnan has not been too overshadowed by her and shown that he is way ahead of his contemporaries.

The opening "Dholki" by Adnan and Asha is a catchy number which will soon become famous at our weddings and we would have people dancing to it rather than the oft-repeated Indian songs. The other songs, "Pyar Hai", "Bheega Mausam", "Barse Badal", "Aankhein", and "Pyar Bina", are beautiful love numbers with the flavor of the rain in some of the songs to add up to the romance. "Dekha Tumko" brings the East and the West closer, and includes Maharaj Ghulam Hussain's Kathak toras. Hadiqa Kiyani, the new voice in the album, has shown a lot of potential as well.

"Sargam" the film and the album will definitely go a long way in bringing back people to the cinema and classical music, and so far the album is a success.

TV Times, Pakistan