Mohabbat - Aamir Saleem (1997)

"Sensational, sensitive, sentimental, soft and soul-stirring," are the comments of the melody fans of Aamir Saleem on his albums "Humsafar", "Ajnabi" and "Musafir". All of his previous works contain the most romantic tunes in the field of pop music. Having a different approach, Aamir sings and composes music as a medium of expression about love, feelings, daily worldly changes, etc.

Recently Aamir has staged a comeback in the music scenario with his "old-odyssey" of love in an entirely new manner. This album covers Aamir's exceptional music with equal exceptional vocals. His ability displays playfulness within a wide vocal range from a very low to sharp.

This new melodious album "Mohabbat" kicks off with "Saza," a slow and well-versed number written by Aamir himself. It shows the aria in Aamir's voice at its top. "Saza" has left behind all his previous romantic numbers with its soft and slow beat. It rides on the crest of romance. "Ishq" follows it. That is a bit faster number with well-balanced lyrics and vocal. Guitar-clicks of Schehzad Mughal have made this song an instant hit. The title song "Mohabbat," stays on the top slot as a touchy, sentimental and sensational track with slow notes. "Khushboo," a poem of late Parveen Shakir seems quite different from the rest of the stuff. "Kabhi Apnay" is the last song of side-A that resembles the previous songs of Aamir. It has a very soft and relaxing effect on the listeners.

What one expects on the Golden Jubilee Year of Pakistan, a patriotic number, but Aamir turns out to be a different again by presenting two patriotic numbers. "Meray Watan" depicts the feelings of youth for their lovely homeland. "Parcham" an old number has been rearranged by Aamir. It has been aired on "Sunday Brunch" with a lot of children in the video, making a different impact on the viewers.

"Chahat" a beautiful fast number begins with sweet and stirring strings of guitar and gradually and effectively dissolves into a dance tune, making it an amazing hit. "Talabgar" is again a fast number with a lot of efforts on tune. It is a song having energy and vigor in music that you would like to listen again and again. "Ranjhna," a typical romantic song begins with an amazing tabla and keynotes. This folk tune gives you a treat of different instruments at one time. The overall music is very catchy and thrilling. The album ends with another refreshing Punjabi folk song "Rano." Once again Aamir has used his flexible voice to mould the track into an impressive one. It shows Aamir as a versatile singer never losing a grip on the difficult Punjabi beats.

Aamir has worked immensely on the twelve songs for two years that proves his concentration. I am sure that like previous albums, this will also be a hit. Good luck to Aamir for this "Mohabbat."

Yasir Nisar
TV Times, Pakistan