Humsafar - Aamir Saleem (1995)

Hot chocolate on a cold, lonely night; that's what his music is like. His voice will melt your very soul and stir it to its very toes. Listening to his new album, I was strongly reminded of all the Humsafars I've had, pleasant or unpleasant.

Aamir Saleem's third album "Humsafar", like his previous two albums, is going to prove itself a valued companion for those who don't want the brain-banging musical entertainment out and about these days.

In this album, three of the most outstanding numbers are "Humsafar", "Mujhey" and "Aisey Dekha". These numbers will bring back the memories you thought you had forgotten; those long, beautiful evenings spent by the beach, remember?

Moving along, "Afsana", "Sundar" and "Wrong Number" will make you swing to their beat and prove once again that Aamir Saleem is not simply a singer of eternal sadness. "Mutyaar", although not as strong as his earlier hit "Challa" still holds a lot of ground. However, "Sassiye" and "Geet" are the weak links in his musical chain. Compared to "Sassiye" lyrics, the composition lacks impact, whereas "Geet" lacks in both.

Aamir's compositions are very magnetic and will often stop you in your tracks. His song "Ajnabi" has done so, over and over again, and this time "Mujhey" and "Aisey Dekha" are going to do the trick. In fact, they already are doing so, his third album like his first two is selling like hot cakes.

TV Times, Pakistan