Gul Jana - Collage (1996)

Collage was formed in 1993. They released a single by the name of "Sohni Mahiwal" and took the whole Pakistani music scene by storm. Collage's debut album "Gul Jana" was released on 11 September, 1996 with a concert at Bahria Complex, Karachi. The concert proved to be a mega-hit and all the people who attended the concert were given complimentary cassettes of the album.

The songs in the Album are:


1. Gul Jana
2. Sukoon Bhi Khwab Hua
3. Faasla
4. Palkhon Ki Bhigha
5. Tanha
6. Sohni Mahiwal


1. Nainon Ki Aur
2. Sach
3. Chehra
4. Khwabon Ki Zameen
5. Awara

"Gul Jana" is the opening track and by far one of the best numbers featured on the album. Its a real punchy track, but needs a little time to get used to. The guitar on this rock number is played with great gusto and gives you enough rumble to tumble. "Sukoon Bhi Khwab Hua" captures the feel of sentiments reflected in its nostalgic lyrics and simplistic tune; romantic and soft. "Faasla", one of the earlier hits of the band, deals with a nostalgic theme as well. This one, however, is more upbeat in terms of composition and Faraz's remarkable guitar playing stands out. The poetry is touching and melancholic. In "Palkon Ka Bhigha", Jawad plays the leads on live piano which makes the number rather atmospheric. Perfect for listening on a rainy afternoon and thinking about that someone special. "Tanha" (also one of the earliest hits of the band or the first, to be precise) is another bluesy number. Soft rock with a lively beat and well pumped up lyrics give a fresh breeze to the album. The last track on side-A is "Sohni Mahiwal". Although the title is the same, this is not the original number that brought the band into limelight. This one is a Punjabi number and it's keyboard-pounding composition gives the track all the groove and bounce of a dance-floor filler.

The first song on side-B is "Nainon Ki Aur". This song is an amalgam of the Eastern classical and pop. A rather romantic number with the guitar playing somewhat Eastern notes. "Sach" is another upbeat song with intermittent guitar distortions and lyrics injected with blues. "Chehra" gives the feeling of another Eastern melody. Warm and beautiful lyrics on this number go well with the melody in which they are composed and nicely rounded off by Naveed's clear and resonant voice. "Khwabon Ki Zameen" is a soft, easy number with a patriotic undertone. Not quite impressive though. "Awara", the last track of the album possesses exhilirating keyboard work with extensive bass grooves. Crisp vocals remain fully in play which keep the blood pumping and feet thumping.

Owais Jamali