Deewana - Bunny (1995)

Bunny boy is back to the future with his earlier hits, not so very early hits, and the latest h-e-a-t-s. And boy! he is good! This time around he has some upper right cuts to croon. "Sada Pind", a great bonus, or call that an exclusive treat, will send you reeling from town to upcountry, beat after beat. "Bhangra Is King" is now already a conquerer, and "Bewafa", "Roshni", "Manzar Haseen", and "Deewana" prove that Bunny is king!

You may wonder why everything is so good about this album, "Deewana", that we are talking about, and why no criticism has come up yet. Hold your breath then. As this album is part "Dil Mein Tum" (Bunny's debut), part "Kon Ho Ga" (his second) and part "Deewana", there is a great range of pitches involved. May be because they each were recorded at three different occasions, and even places. For, the later songs are all sung on a slightly high scale, and Bunny's voice in a higher pitch .....? Excuse me! Come on, Bunny, your razor-sharp, rich bassy voice is your hallmark. Something we have yet to see in another singer here. And, imagine killing that all by singing in the manner of Lei-Leila. Come again, Bunny, you know how to do better still.

TV Times, Pakistan