Darshan - Shehzad Roy (1997)

Shehzad Roy, an accomplished youthful music artist has disclosed electrifying progress in his freshly released album, "Darshan," which not only assists him in improving his stupendous artistic genius but also sets him as he puts together a tremendous impact on practically every listener. Keeping in view the Eastern culture and traditional music, Shehzad has keenly worked hard enough to make his compilation as lively and as jazzy as possible. Now he is indubitably suited to receive a praiseworthy credit for his ingenius work.

His well-composed album opens with the song "Darshan". This song gives an exalted impression of qawwali which occupies an extensive reputation in our musical history. Another track, "Ghadoli" has been a self-esteemed implementation by Abida Parveen, a highly qualified folk singer, and Shehzad has managed to retain the elegance and beauty of this hit which can be acclaimed by Shehzad's flair as well as well-composition. "Chal Teri Mastani" is a graceful bhangra number which enables a listener to grasp the depths of the richness of the eastern style and trends. This track brings about precise awareness of all the musical instruments played and Shehzad's lucid and glassy voice compliments the melodies and the tunes of this track. The songs "Kangna" and "Sundar" have a certain aura about them which makes them highly favoured among other additional hits. The instruments are played by some of Pakistan's most admired musicians.

Shehzad has masterfully captured the doleful side of emotions and exhibited them through his number 'Yaadein". Another blood-curdling hit, "Sada", shows the eerieness of the darker side of sentiments. Somehow these two songs mirror the nostalgic influence of Shehzad Roy's genre of singing. "Khushi" is one of the most successful tracks by Shehzad which is relatively winsome in the sense of its cordial and pleasant lyrics which are transcribed by Sabir Zafar.

Over all, Shehzad Roy himself has taken the part of the guitars as far as the players are concerned. Other salient instruments, like Sitar and flute are played by Imdad Hussain and Fida Hussain, respectively. After listening to this album one can, in confidence, say that Shehzad Roy holds an authenticaly promising outlook and will succeed bearing terrific kudos. So far, his ardently zealous doings are undeniably paying off.

Sabrina Solomon