Daira Vol. 2 - Various (2003)

After listening to the first volume, the listener has all the expectations of the second one, which also doesn't prove to be worthwhile for a music admirer. The second volume of this Daira Soundtrack begins with the impressive voice of Ahmed Jahanzeb who sings "Aap Ki Yaad", an average track, which makes extra score with the involvement of exceptionally good composition.

An obnoxious "Akeli Raat" is next on the reel where Sharique Roomi, a not-so-on-the-scene singer translates Shahzad Nawazís vocals in a dull beat. Somehow the lyrics do leave an impact but the rest of it just sways away from the track. A musical composition "Longing" by a Mohammed Aslam is another track, which lacks something one way or the other. It might please listeners who want to listen to mellow music.

Mehboob Khan, apparently a debutant in this field of music, butchers Iqbal Bano's "Sham-e-Firaq" whose tone used to play with the warm emotions of listeners in the eighties. Faiz's poetry is badly utilized where the music and the beat is not at all striking.

"Love" by Kiran Hassan is next which is also a debut in the album. There might be something to her voice that will keep you reel the whole song otherwise there is nothing worth listening to. Mizmaar, an upcoming band gives their best to this soundtrack by singing "Saath", with all the song making credits to the band itself, I must say that this is a brilliant effort.

The peculiar title "Mard III" is next by Iyzak, giving a toned feeling to the musical nerves in your brain; the poetry might excite the listener only that it sounds familiar for no given reasons. A shabby feel enters the album as a result of the unflattering voice of Hassan Jehangir in the bid to acquire love from people in "Pyar Deh." The music is as unruly as the vocals in the song. A redone version of Bunny's earlier song "Bhangra" is the one to follow and the song is unusually named "Bhangra is King." With a perky musical beat, the song might force you to get up and dance a bit, though believe me you won't want to!

"Waqt" that is already present in the previous volume is featured again in this album, as a filler, perhaps. The title of the next song "Kangan" which is also featured in the first volume is also present here but the song is not there, may be they forgot to record it! The next song is the one going by a series throughout the album, "Mard" which has no extension attached to it so I conclude that this is the novel single. The song is sung by Saima Shirazi and has bits of poetry recited by Shahzad Nawaz himself.

The last song is the title song of the play "Daira" by Shehzad Roy. With most of the hopes gone down on the album, one expects a lot of this song. But again the effort turns out to be mediocre. All in all, both the albums end up disappointing listeners. With half of the singers making a debut through this soundtrack, (I don't think they opted for a good launching platform), most of the songs re-done and quite a few of them unimpressive, I don't think that the album will be able to make it big on the charts.

Ahmer Ashraf
The News International, Pakistan