Aik Aur Love Story - Sajjad Ali (1998)

Sajjad Ali is one singer whose albums have always been well received among the masses. He is talented in the truest meaning of the word and no doubt has the most melodious voice of all present day pop singers. On this Eid, Sajjad finally released his album "Aik Aur Love Story", one his fans have been waiting for quite a long time. This album serves a dual purpose since its music is also his forthcoming film's soundtrack.

The album opens up with a very catchy song "Lari Adda" with mediocre lyrics but a fairly bouncy tune. It should be kept in mind that the music of this album is done by Sajjad's younger brother, Waqar Ali, also known as Vicky. Although the arrangement is good, it's average poetry decreases the listener's interest. Moving on to the second song "Marina Marina", this too is a nice composition in Spanish style. "Marina Marina" is a very catchy song with good lyrics. It is needless to mention that Sajjad Ali has done justice to its mood and style. The third song "Dua Karo" is probably the first of its kind in Pakistan. The lyrics encourage you to believe in the power of prayer. The tune is good enough, though it does not carry that feeling of involvement and the depth related to a prayer, still it makes for very pleasing listening. The next song "Tum Say Pyar Hai" reminds us of one of Sajjad's previous number "Mano Na Mano Kehna". The composition of "Tum Say Pyar Hai" is a cool one. Sajjad Ali's voice acts as a prism that reflects light somewhere deep in space. With dim lights and silence at night this song surely takes you on nostalgic ride. The last item on this side is neither a song nor a ghazal. It is a recital of poetry with very soft music and chorus in the background. Vicky's effort to pioneer this kind of style in Pakistan should be appreciated.

Side "B" opens with "Jhuley Laal", a typical folk-cum-sufiyana style of composition by Vicky. These kind of commercial sufiyana-pop songs are considered a must in every music album being released today. In "Bheega Mausam", the melodious rendition by Mehnaz is something worth appreciation. She has simply elevated the overall impact of the song with her par excellence performance. This is the only song in the whole album in a female voice. The next song "Pata Bata Do" seems to be inspired from the tragic songs of Kishore Kumar back in early 70s. The last song "Sohni Lag Di" is a distinctive Punjabi folk type of a song incorporated probably to achieve attention from the largest province of the country.

It is fairly obvious that Sajjad Ali's "Aik Aur Love Story" is one hundred percent a commercial album and he has kept this in mind all the time. Each of his song has a touch that would catch the fancy of a certain kind of crowd. "Aik Aur Love Story" has all the ingredients of a hit album. However, there is one thing that has a little negative connotation to it. The music cannot be used for films. There are no duets and just one song in female voice. Each arrangement is very much like a hit single rather than a rich film soundtrack. The fate of the album and the film is yet to be decided, but one thing is for sure, Sajjad Ali's fans will receive it very warmly and will not be disappointed by what their idol has offered.

Syed Moosa Raza
TV Times, Pakistan